BLACK LABEL - power hack saw blades

Tungsten carbide tipped power hack saw blades designed for production application, cutting most types of metals including alloy and stainless steel.

The design of the teeth we first used for a project for the British Army where we needed to cut hydraulic pipes and was proved very successful.

The tungsten carbide teeth offer a prolonged lifetime of the blade thereby providing an economical cutting rate.

Item no. Length (metric) Length (imperial)
DT230 300mm 12"
DT231 350mm 14"
DT232 400mm 16"
DT233 450mm 18"
DT234 500mm 20"
DT235 550mm 22"
DT236 575mm 23"
DT237 600mm 24"
DT238 650mm 26"
DT239 700mm 28"